Top 10 Ways to Promote Sustainability in Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner or manager, it is critical to stay on top of the latest trends in sustainability. Incorporating sustainable practices into your business operations benefits the environment and gives you an edge over competitors who aren’t implementing sustainable practices.

What Are Biobased Products?

As our environment continues to suffer from plastic pollution and a decrease in renewable resources, people are looking for ways to reduce our reliance on petroleum products, like plastics and other non-renewable materials.

What Are Certified Compostable Products?

Most people are acutely aware of the plastic pollution crisis the world is facing today. It’s arguably the single most destructive thing humans have introduced to the planet, polluting our oceans, waterways, and land, poisoning animals, and even finding its way into human blood where it may lodge in organs, damage cells, and lead to chronic illness or premature death.

Best Ways to Compost at Home

If you are concerned about climate change and looking for ways to do better for our planet, home composting may have crossed your mind. Today, we’ll explore the best ways to compost at home.
You’ll learn what products can be composted and, perhaps more importantly, what compostable products must be disposed of through an industrial composting program.

The Basics of Bioplastics

Of the 40 million tons of plastic waste produced in the US in 2021, 85% ended up in landfills. The situation is now at a dire juncture, as plastic is polluting our oceans, land, and even showing up in human blood and the food we eat.

Different Types of Industrial Composting

Industrial composting is intended to process high volumes of commercial and industrial organic waste, including municipal waste from household green bins and organic waste from restaurants and other businesses. Industrial composting can also break down compostable plastics and other biodegradable materials.

Understanding Plastic Disposal

Plastic is quite possibly the scourge of the modern age, a dark legacy we’ll be hard-pressed to put behind us for generations to come. It is difficult and costly to recycle due to the many types of plastic in circulation and the need for multiple systems to collect, transport, sort, degrease, and sanitize each one.



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