What is the difference between your products and PLA products?

PLA products require them to end up in compost sites where they can properly be treated and composted. While we promote PLA products in areas with compost sites, not many areas have the facilities, especially if you’re not in the US. However, we have the capacity to manufacture these types of products specifically for clients in regions with proper waste management methods. Visit compostingcouncil.org and WhereToCompost to see if there are compost centers near you.

How do you make your Agave products?

Our Agave line is bio-based and sourced from the agro-industrial waste that the tequila industry in Jalisco, Mexico generates. These innovative products are lab tested to degrade in 1-3 years when in a biologically active landfill. In other words, you can dispose of our products like you regularly do in a trash can, where they will begin to decompose. A much better alternative to plastic products.

Do your products contain BPA or PFAS?

Our products do not contain BPA (Bisphenol A). BPA is a chemical compound used to make certain plastics, most generally found in water bottles and other containers used to store food. Although the FDA has indicated that exposure to BPA at low levels is safe or non-harmful, keep in mind that products not marked as BPA-free can contain this chemical.

Our products are also free of PFAS chemicals. Polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS are chemicals that have been found in different types of tableware, dust, and even food. They’re infamously referred to as the “forever” chemicals because they don’t fully degrade. Our sugar cane products are free from this family of chemicals, we work with specifically designed and innovative grease and water resistant additives that do not use PFAS.




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