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Agave Forks

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Made using verified recycled plastics and FSC certified plant fibers. Not intended for composting.

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  • Heavy weight
  • Agave Fibers
  • Durable
  • Use for hot and cold meals
  • Forget about breaking cutlery
  • Will easily pinch steak, chicken or fish
Pack sizes
  • 1,000 Count (Bulk)
  • Case size: 17.48” x 14.88” x 5.51”


  • 500 Count (Wrapped)
  • Case size: 11.8” x 11.0” x 14.2”
SAP Item
  • FN1000
  • FN500W
  • FB1000
  • FB500W

Go Green With Forks From Greenprint

We are a trusted source of biodegradable forks and other renewable plant-based cutlery. With Greenprint, your journey toward sustainability begins with a single purchase. If you want a custom print, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Let’s bring your designs into reality.

Impact the environment positively with our sustainable forks. Each agave fork is made following our circular economy. We transform agave plant waste into something beneficial to help reduce waste from manufacturers. With the durable properties of the agave fibers, our eco-friendly forks work similarly to their plastic alternatives. Handpick your product’s color to meet your branding needs and follow a more sustainable business strategy.

  1. Client

    The only biodegradable fork I’d purchase honestly.

  2. Client

    Really solid material!

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