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Since greenprint's inception in 2018, we've strived to create products for a more sustainable future. We're focused on driving the outdated oil based disposables out of our lives and replace them with sustainable alternatives our planet needs.
Greenprint’s circular economy

At Greenprint we focus on building a truly sustainable circular economy - starting with our locally sourced raw materials, to our zero plastic (zero waste) packaging, to our commitments with community building foundations.

Building around the key pillar of sustainability, our goal is to achieve enduring social and environmental impact.

Reuse, Recycle and compost
Agroindustrial waste
Collection and transformation
Efficient manufacturing
Zero-plastic packaging
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Food service distributors

Our pillars

Quality Manufacturing

Through our in-house material compounding and testing, we’re able to develop high quality, top-performing products that abide with composting and recycling regulations worldwide.


Sourcing all of our raw materials locally, we’re able to drastically reduce our carbon outputs, energy consumption as well as manufacturing lead times.


At the heart of our operations is the well being of our community. Through giving back programs locally as well as at larger scale, we’re able to promote our values and create new opportunities for all our outreach.


Product innovation is fundamental to our continued growth. We’re able to adapt to the newest materials and machinery that allows us to offer our products in many forms.


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