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GREENPRINT biofading
Data sheet

Agave Spoons

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  • Characteristics
  • Additional information
  • Heavy weight
  • Agave Fibers
  • Durable
  • Great for soups, ice creams, sauces and more
  • Hot and cold meals
  • Forget about breaking cutlery
Pack sizes
  • 1,000 Count (Bulk)
  • Case size: 15.35” x 13.93” x 6.22”


  • 500 Count (Wrapped)
  • Case size: 11.8” x 11.0” x 14.2”


SAP Item
  • SN1000
  • SN500W
  • SB1000
  • SB500W

Support Your Sustainability Mission

Ditch the plastic cutlery and go for a sustainable option through Greenprint. Our eco-friendly spoons are molded from agave fibers, creating durable cutlery for various foods, including soups, meals and desserts. We offer bulk and wrapped options for our products, as well as two different colors to complement your brand image. Purchase a set of agave spoons and foster a sustainable business practice today.

Each biodegradable spoon you buy helps support the environment. Get your sustainable spoons from Greenprint and cultivate more eco-friendly practices for you and your customers. To understand more about our mission, send us a message today.

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