Five Best Compostable Disposable Cups

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Living sustainably means making conscious choices about the products we use in our daily lives and businesses. In the food service industry, disposable takeout cups and lids are a staple, but it’s vital to choose a disposable cup that minimizes environmental impact. Compostable disposable cups are the ideal solution. We’ve compiled a list of the five best to help inform your choices in single-use items.

1. Greenprint Hot and Cold Compostable Cups

Greenprint Hot and Cold Compostable Cups

Greenprint Products is an innovator in compostable single-use products for food service applications. Our disposable hot and cold compostable cups are made from paper, lined with proprietary aqueous coating technology. Unlike conventional paper beverage cups, which are coated with a petroleum-based plastic, Greenprint disposable compostable cups can be safely disposed of in your home compost or through a curbside program. If they end up in a landfill, they will break down quickly and won’t leach toxic compounds into the environment.

Greenprint Compostable Cup Pros and Cons
  • Compostable in either home and industrial compost
  • Marine biodegradable
  • Paper cups coated with compostable aqueous solution linings
  • Several sizes available
  • Hot and cold beverage cups available
  • Next day shipping & Best Pricing
  • Neutral appearance suits any brand
  • Custom printing will be available by Q4 2023, until then only blank white cups

2. Phade compostable cups

Phade compostable cups

Phade single-use cups are made from paper and coated with PHA. Their features and attributes are much like Greenprint compostable disposable cups—but their branding might not be the best match for all applications.

Phade Compostable Cup Pros and Cons
  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • No plastic
  • Recycle or compost
  • Marine biodegradable
  • Phade branding is prominent and might clash with your branding
  • No style or color alternatives
  • Limited cup and package sizes currently available
  • Expensive compared to alternatives

3. World Centric Compostable Cups

World Centric Compostable Cups

World Centric offers an extensive selection of hot and cold single-use cups and accessories (lids, sleeves, etc.). Made from paper and PLA, their products are compostable and biodegradable in home and curbside programs.

World Centric Compostable Cup Pros and Cons
  • Lots of styles, sizes
  • Hot and cold cups
  • Paper and PLA construction
  • Neutral styles
  • Compostable
  • Mid-range pricing

4. Go Compost Compostable Cups

Go Compost Compostable Cups

GO Compost offers hot and cold beverage cups and accessories made from paper and PLA. Their company focuses exclusively on compostable products, offering a wide range of everyday items and composting equipment beyond food service items.

Go Compost Compostable Cup Pros and Cons
  • Diverse selection of styles and colors
  • Three sizes
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Neutral appearance
  • PLA may not be recyclable in your curbside program (must be composted)
  • PLA requires temperature-controlled storage
  • Mid-to high pricing

5. Good Start Packaging Cups

Good Start Packaging Cups

Good Start compostable disposable cups are made from paper lined with PLA (for hot beverages) and PLA bioplastic (for cold drinks).

Good Start Compostable Cup Pros and Cons
  • Hot and cold cups in various sizes
  • Excellent selection of lids and other accessories
  • Paper and PLA for hot, PLA for cold beverages
  • Neutral branding with compostable certification clearly displayed
  • Certified B Corp
  • PLA may not be recyclable (compostable only)
  • Cold beverage cups not compostable in-home compost (requires industrial composting)
  • PLA requires temperature-controlled storage

For the best quality and value, shop Greenprint Products compostable cups today.

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