The Top 10 Longest-Lasting Items in Our Landfills

As society becomes increasingly aware of the impact of human activities on our environment, we must make conscious and informed decisions about our consumption patterns. With this in mind, examining what we already consume can help guide future behavior.

The Basics of Bioplastics

Of the 40 million tons of plastic waste produced in the US in 2021, 85% ended up in landfills. The situation is now at a dire juncture, as plastic is polluting our oceans, land, and even showing up in human blood and the food we eat.

Understanding Plastic Disposal

Plastic is quite possibly the scourge of the modern age, a dark legacy we’ll be hard-pressed to put behind us for generations to come. It is difficult and costly to recycle due to the many types of plastic in circulation and the need for multiple systems to collect, transport, sort, degrease, and sanitize each one.

The Ugly Truth About Polystyrene

If you’re a restaurant owner still using polystyrene containers for takeout packaging, you likely already know it’s not sustainable. Polystyrene has long been known as one of the most environmentally harmful materials out there—and yet some still use it because it’s also the cheapest.




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