Miami-Dade Plastic Regulations

Miami-Dade County houses world-class universities, ports, and national parks. It boasts a long stretch of stunning coastline marked by sparkling aquamarine water and beaches that millions of tourists visit annually. However, plastic pollution in urban areas affects the health of people and animals and disrupts the county’s natural beauty. 

Learn about the plastic regulations that are currently in place in Miami-Dade County—and why we need them. 

Why We Need Single-Use Plastic Regulations

Single-use plastics, such as polystyrene takeout containers, straws, plastic bags, and other plastic food packaging, are flooding Miami-Dade County’s oceans, rivers, streams, city streets, and landfills. These plastics cause harm to natural ecosystems. They lack the ability to biodegrade, taking hundreds of years to break down naturally.

During this time, they can lead to many problems, such as blocking stormwater drains, causing localized flooding, and breaking down further into microplastics. Animal and human ingestion of these microplastics can cause various health problems, including an imbalanced gut and gastrointestinal symptoms

Miami-Dade Plastic Ban

The county of Miami-Dade currently has limited options to ban single-use plastics locally because of statewide preemption laws. These laws prevent local governments from making plastic regulations and open them up to legal action if they do.

However, city municipalities can operate within these preemption laws by banning single-use plastics on public property, such as beaches and city buildings, and at city events. 

The preemption laws don’t cover the sale of plastic straws and utensils, which are large contributors to plastic pollution. Cities within Miami-Dade County can prohibit the distribution and sale of these items from businesses.

Currently, Miami-Dade has banned single-use foam products from any public parks or beaches within the county. Separate city governments have banned further plastics on city property.

Plastic Free 305

An excellent program that helps to reduce Miami-Dade County’s plastic bag pollution is Plastic Free 305. It seeks to reduce plastic pollution through a coalition of businesses around the county that voluntarily reduce or eliminate the purchase and use of single-use plastics in their operations. These businesses might replace plastic items with sustainable solutions, implement strategies for their reuse, or completely eliminate them. 

Participating in this initiative is a superb way for businesses to remain sustainable and show their customers they care about their community.

How Greenprint Serves Businesses—and the Planet

Greenprint helps replace single-use plastic products with internationally certified plant-based disposables, such as agave straws and cutlery. We offer businesses a cost-effective solution to plastic regulations so they can avoid fines and other penalties while operating sustainably to support the communities they serve long-term.

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