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GREENPRINT biofading
Data sheet

Agave Cutlery Kit

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  • Characteristics
  • Additional information
  • Paper Wrapped
  • Sealed
  • 3 or 4 piece (Optional Spoon)
  • Heavy weight
  • Take-Out Kits
  • Take-Out Orders
  • In-house dining
  • Tackle a full meal
  • Soups or steaks
  • Hot and Cold meals
Pack sizes
  • 200 count
  • Case size: 11.8” x 11.0” x 14.2”
SAP Item
  • 4NCMP300
  • 3NCMP200
  • 4BCMP200
  • 3BCMP200

Take Sustainable Action Today

Make your business more sustainable with eco-friendly cutlery packs. Each biodegradable cutlery kit comes with everything you need, from spoons to forks to knives. Our circular economy focuses on sustainability and long-term impact through efficient manufacturing, zero-plastic packaging and other ecological practices. One of our most popular creations is this agave cutlery kit, which is sturdy enough for different uses, like in-house dining or take-out orders.

If you’ve been thinking of switching to more sustainable practices, this is your sign to start today. Source your plant-based cutlery pack from Greenprint and participate in conserving the environment. For more information about our products, send us a message online.

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