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Plant-Based Stirrer

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Made using verified recycled plastics and FSC certified plant fibers. Not intended for composting.

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Implement sustainability in the way you stir coffee, cocktails, or any other drinks with our plant-based stirrer. Crafted from recycled plastics and plant fibers, this biodegradable stirrer is an excellent eco-friendly option for all your drink stirring needs. It features a durable, sturdy construction for extra stirring power.

Our plant-based drink stirrer is BPA- and PFAS-free and is safe for contact with food or beverages. Plus, we’ve laboratory-tested the material to prove that these solutions degrade within one to three years in bioactive landfills. Play your part in supporting the environment with one biodegradable coffee stirrer at a time. Contact us to learn more about our mission.

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    Amazing for hot and cold drinks. I use these for coffe and happy hour as well.

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