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GREENPRINT biofading
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Natural & Biodegradable Agave Straws

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  • Characteristics
  • Additional information
  • No PFAS added
  • BPA Free
  • Natural & Organic Pigments
  • Made from agave and other plant-based fibers
  • Use for hot and cold drinks
  • Forget about soggy straws!
  • Great for smoothies and juices
Pack sizes
  • Standard Diameter 6mm: 2,000 pieces, four 500-count inner packs
  • Jumbo Diameter 8mm: 1,500 pieces, four 375-count inner packs
  • Bubble Tea Diameter 10mm: 700 pieces, four 175-count inner packs
SAP Item
  • 596419

Agave fiber straws are BPA- and PFAS-free — a practical and cost-effective way to comply with local and state laws that ban single-use plastics. Our natural straws come from sustainable sources, using a waste stream generated by the tequila-making industry. Lab testing has proved these certified solutions easily degrade in bioactive landfills in one to three years.

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