Natural & Biodegradable Agave Straws

Natural & Biodegradable Agave Straws


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Buy Sustainable Agave Straws From Greenprint

Greenprint is an experienced and trusted supplier of plant-based food service utensils, including a selection of decomposable straws in several styles and sizes. Our products feature exceptional quality and durability while promoting ecological responsibility. Order online for fast shipment, or contact our sales team to view samples.


Agave fiber straws are BPA- and PFAS-free — a practical and cost-effective way to comply with local and state laws that ban single-use plastics. Our natural straws come from sustainable sources, using a waste stream generated by the tequila-making industry. Lab testing has proved these certified solutions easily degrade in bioactive landfills in one to three years.

About this product

  • No PFAS added
  • BPA Free
  • Natural & Organic Pigments
  • Made from agave and other plant-based fibers
  • Use for hot and cold drinks
  • Forget about soggy straws!
  • Great for smoothies and juices
Pack Sizes
  • Standard Diameter 6mm: 2,000 pieces, four 500-count inner packs
  • Jumbo Diameter 8mm: 1,500 pieces, four 375-count inner packs
  • Bubble Tea Diameter 10mm: 700 pieces, four 175-count inner packs
SAP Item
  • 596419