PHA Straws

PHA Straws


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Promote Sustainability With Home Compostable Straws

Support the eco-friendly movement by using our collection of PHA straws formulated from canola seeds. These products consist of biopolymers that contribute to a sustainable ecosystem through marine biodegrading and home composting. This means the straws quickly decompose and become a part of the environment once again — either in the ocean or on land. Our set of PHA straws comes in one standard size and color. Greenprint helps you achieve a more ecological way of living with these and other products. If you want to know more about our PHA straws for sale, don't hesitate to contact us today.

About this product

  • No PFAS added
  • BPA Free
  • Marine Biodegradable Technology
  • Made from Canola seeds
  • Use for hot and cold drinks
  • Forget about soggy straws!
  • Great for smoothies and juices
Pack Sizes
  • Standard Diameter 6mm: 2,000 pieces, four 500-count inner packs