Are your sugarcane products waterproof and resistant?


    All of our sugarcane products can handle liquids. They are designed to hold without leaking any food or soup and withstand any rough delivery route—the perfect option for take-out.


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      How Will Bioplastics Change the Future for the Better?
      How Will Bioplastics Change the Future for the Better?

      Today, all kinds of alternatives to conventional plastics are popping up in attempts to mitigate pollution, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and create a more positive impact on the planet overall. One standout alternative is plastic made from plants, known in the industry as bioplastics. These organic plastics are derived from natural resources, giving them several […]

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      Compostable vs. Recyclable vs. Biodegradable: What's the Difference?
      Compostable vs. Recyclable vs. Biodegradable: What’s the Difference?

      Sustainable practices have become more prevalent in our age of environmental awareness — and this is excellent news! We have more ways than ever before of making our daily comings and goings eco-friendly and less impactful on the planet. One practice that has significant benefits is using products that you can discard sustainably. This could […]

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      Couple having a red wine at restaurant
      Restaurant Sustainability Mistakes

      Incorporating sustainable practices in your food service business supports the environment, satisfies environmentally conscious customers, and can be lucrative. The popularity of sustainable eating is growing as people become more aware of environmental issues.

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