Top Five Eco Disposables Manufacturers

Green, renewable, sustainable, ethical practices are fast becoming a standard in most consumer and B2B business models—and that’s a good thing. We only have one planet (at the moment), and it’s up to us to do whatever it takes to keep it healthy; for us, our children, and the other humans, plants, and animals that call it home.

Businesses today must prioritize environmentally-friendly practices in every aspect of operations, from ethical sourcing and procurement to low-impact manufacturing and applying energy-efficient strategies to workflows and workplaces. All business operations can be green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, and today it matters more than ever that companies prioritize these activities to improve their brand image, employer brand, and reputation.

Manufacturing, in particular, is one sector that can affect significant change by adopting eco-friendly practices. Doing so improves employee health and safety and is viewed favorably from an employment standpoint. It also helps to improve ESG ratings, which can help companies attract investment and strengthen the bottom line.

Practices such as switching to solar and other clean electric power sources, using renewable materials to make their products, and prioritizing local suppliers to reduce transportation emissions are just a few of the ways top eco manufacturers get green.

Eco manufacturers in the disposables market have an even bigger mountain to climb. Even when made from recyclable or compostable materials, single-use products still pile up in landfills or end up in environments where they’re not meant to be.

While the EPA estimates that 75% of all waste is recyclable, statistics say less than 9% will be recycled. These numbers underscore the need for biobased, easily biodegradable, and compostable products to reduce environmental impact and greenhouse gases (GHG).

Top Five Eco Manufacturers of Disposable Products

Top disposables manufacturers are constantly innovating new materials, sourcing, and processing, and they work hand in hand with recyclers and other stakeholders committed to building a sustainable, plastic-free ecosystem and circular economy.

Here is our list of today’s top five leading disposables eco manufacturers.

1. Greenprint

Greenprint Products specializes in single-use products and packaging for the food service industry. Our raw materials are sourced locally to avoid supply chain issues and our products made from sustainable, renewable sources—often agro-industrial waste that would not have any other useful purpose. Greenprint’s commitment to innovation and quality in materials and manufacturing supports the restaurant industry in transitioning away from single-use plastics without compromising quality, performance, or integrity.

Greenprint Manufacturer

2. Ecoproducts

Ecoproducts, like Greenprint, makes disposable packaging for the food service industry. They have an extensive range of products and two distinct lines; GreenStripe, made from renewable, plant-based materials and compostable through industrial composting programs, and BlueStripe, made from post-consumer recycled materials. Though their BlueStripe line may not be recyclable, it diverts recyclable waste from landfills. Ecoproducts is a certified B-Corp, a prestigious designation that denotes leadership in the regenerative economy and takes into account both the company’s environmental and social impact.


3. Footprint

Footprint designs and manufactures plant-based fibers for food service and consumer goods manufacturing. As materials scientists, they are constantly innovating new materials and manufacturing methodologies with a mission to reduce and eventually eliminate single-use plastics. Their highly innovative materials are meticulously tested to ensure performance in extreme environments such as high heat, cold temperatures, and moisture. This provides an easy segue for companies switching away from plastic. Their materials are compostable and recyclable, oven, and microwave safe, and can be used to create many types of consumer goods, including toothbrushes, coolers, product packaging, TVs, and speakers.


4. WorldCentric

WorldCentric creates compostable packaging and disposable food service products. What makes them one of the top eco-manufacturers is their total commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing and educating the world about sustainability issues. They are also a non-profit organization. Recognizing that social and environmental factors are indelibly linked, they focus on funding ecological projects and economic development opportunities for impoverished communities. They consistently audit their supply chain to ensure fair wages, labor, and working conditions are met. WorldCentric is a certified B-Corp and has been honored by B-Lab with a Best for the World designation for two consecutive years.


5. WinCup

WinCup manufactures and markets Phade straws, an innovative, marine-biodegradable straw. They are also innovators in compostable/biodegradable foam cups and containers—but when you look at the company as a whole, you need to account for the fact that they also make PS foam products and hang their hats on the idea that PS is safer than paper. So, even though they are doing good in the world with Phade and their Vio™ line of compostables, they still have a ways to go. As always, we are huge proponents of every green effort and taking a step in the right direction.


Why More Companies Are Prioritizing Eco-Friendly Operations

Green and eco-friendly practices in manufacturing are more than just a trend. Our planet is undergoing an environmental crisis of epic proportions, and there’s only so much that we, as individuals, can do. Companies must champion sustainability and become leaders in the movement to a greener tomorrow. While we all do what we can as individuals, choosing companies prioritizing the environment will multiply the benefits, leading to quantifiable results.

Whether you’re a business looking to reduce your carbon footprint or a consumer doing your best each day, staying on top of the issues and knowing who’s leading the charge will help you make more mindful purchasing choices.

In the case of single-use disposables, we all have a part to play. Recognizing the type of materials used to make your disposable products and knowing how to dispose of them properly ensures that the gargantuan efforts put forth by these five top eco-manufacturers are not wasted.

Browse Greenprint’s collection today and visit our blog often for tips and info to support your sustainable life.

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